BlackJack Bet Chart +HD App Reviews

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Great !

I do really like the configuration!A+


Its ok but wat if u go to the casino and they think your counting cards?!.?!.?!. Then what would you say?!?!?!

Simple and straightforward.

It is what it says it is. Has a few options that you can change depending on the rules where you play. NOTE: MOST CASINOS DO NOT ALLOW CELL PHONES AT LIVE TABLES!! Use thus as a study guide away from the table or you will be asked to put it away. It is kind of embarrassing when that happens to you. The developer should add some sort of disclaimer for the users of this app detailing what I have said above.

Bj 3 he

Does what it says with nithing flashy which isnt a bad thing. There could be more details though. But just so people dont waste space blackjack 3 he has this exact app as apart of their game. Made by the same people Im guessing, this does load faster though.

Few options - not reflective of Vegas

Has no settings for number of decks other than Vegas/Atlantic City, and the Vegas setting assumes just two decks. Not sure how long its been since the developer went to Vegas, but they use a lot more decks than that. As a result this has no value at all. Still two stars because its not buggy.

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